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List of world numbers

Here you will find all kinds of numbers in the world. They belong to different peoples and countries. Mankind spent about 3000 years on their creation. The numbers differ from each other in some factors: 1) some numbers are alphabetic, 2) some are hieroglyphs, some are created using special characters. Also, their difference is determined by the types of the calculus system. In this case, they are either positional or non-positional. At the same time, their differences were influenced by time, different thinking, worldview, etc. However, it is very pleasant to realize that, despite all this, humanity has created such a diverse assortment of numbers. Get to know each of them and learn about the thousand-year history of human history.

What are numbers?

Numbers are specially created or dedicated characters. Each symbol is assigned a quantitative value. Numbers can be compared to the letters of the alphabet, which were specially created to convey information in writing. Like numbers, they were created to convey quantities in writing. Another similarity to the alphabet is that words are written with letters and numbers with numbers.

Modern numbers

Modern numerals are a modified form of Indo Arabic numerals. The symbols have undergone 1500 years of evolution, and in this form we have them today. Modern numerals are also known as "European numerals". Fortunately, both Arabic and Indian numerals have been preserved in the form in which they were created. You have the opportunity to see how they look visually.

It is almost impossible to live in our world without these amazing symbols. With their help, all the amazing inventions were created: a mobile phone, a computer, a spaceship, etc. If not for the numbers, people would not be able to create such amazing buildings as pyramids and skyscrapers.

List numbers

In the left column of the table are the names of the numbers, in the right column are their places of origin.
Name Origin
Adlam numbers Africa
Ahom numbers India
Arabic numbers Asia
Armenian numbers Caucasus
Attic numbers Europe
Babylonian numbers Asia
Balinese numbers Asia
Bengali numbers India
Bhaiksuki numbers India
Brahmi numbers India
Braille numbers Louis Braille
Burmese numbers Asia
Chakma numbers Asia
Cham numbers Asia
Chinese numbers Asia
Coptic numbers Europe
Cyrillic numbers Europe
Devanagari numbers India
Egyptian numbers Africa
Ethiopic numbers Asia
Etruscan numbers Europe
Georgian numbers Caucasus
Greek numbers Europe
Gujarati numbers India
Gurmukhi numbers India
Hebrew numbers Asia
Japanese numbers Asia
Javanese numbers India
Kannada numbers India
Kayah Lee numbers Asia
Kharosthi numbers India
Khmer numbers Asia
Khudabadi numbers Asia
Kikakui numbers Asia
Lao numbers Asia
latin numbers Europe
Lepcha numbers Asia
Limbu numbers Asia
Malayalam numbers India
Masaram numbers India
Mayan numbers America
Meitei numbers India
Modi numbers India
Mongolian numbers Asia
Morse code numbers Samuel Morse
Mro numbers Asia
N'Ko numbers Africa
New Tai Lue numbers Asia
Newar numbers Asia
Odia numbers India
Ol Chiki numbers India
Pahawh numbers Asia
Persian numbers Asia
Roman numerals Europe
Saurashtra numbers India
Sharada numbers India
Sinhala numbers India
Somali numbers Africa
Sudanese numbers Asia
Tai Laing numbers Asia
Tai Tham Hora numbers Asia
Tai Tham Tham numbers Asia
Takri numbers India
Tamil numbers India
Telugu numbers India
Thai numbers Asia
Tibetan numbers Asia
Tirhuta numbers Asia
Urdu numbers Asia
Vai numbers Asia
Warang Citi numbers India

The role of numbers in mental development

Learning numbers is essential for a child's cognitive development. With the help of numbers and counting, they develop the ability to think logically, which is necessary for healthy productive thinking.

List of world numbers

Glossary of terms

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