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Numbers in various languages

Online web tool with which you can learn numbers in different languages of the world. You just need to select the desired language and the tool will automatically create a table in the specified language. The table can be printed or downloaded in PDF format, completely free of charge.

We offer more than languages for learning. Use this Internet resource, deepen your knowledge and be an erudite person.

While not all languages of the world, this is a growing resource, and soon you will be able to see how numbers are written in all languages of the world. A unique Internet resource also because that in addition to languages, here you can see the numbers of all countries and peoples of the world. This is a site about numbers, and you will get complete information about them.

List of languages

We offer a list of languages with which you can learn to count numbers.

Why were the numbers created?

Numbers were created by humans with one important goal in mind to simplify the counting process. The letters of the alphabet, hieroglyphs, pictograms, etc. acted as numbers. Until it was created special character set.

Different languages of the world

There are more than 1,000 different languages on earth, spoken by large and small peoples, groups and tribes. There are also spoken languages that do not have their own written language. This is what led to such a variety of numbers, which is very gratifying.

Numbers in languages

Glossary of terms

Check out the definitions of the terms used on this page. With its help, you can easily understand this information.


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