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Numbers in Sudanese

It is impossible to learn Sudanese without learning to count. Because it is necessary for a full and practical study of the language. With the help of this site you can easily do it. The first table is the simplest and most necessary. That is why we suggest that you start by learning it and then move on to more complex tables.

Additional Information

In place of numbers in Sudanese, you can use a web tool that will help you learn the numbers from 1 to 100 individually. This will make the learning process even easier.

Tables of numbers in Sudanese

If you are determined to learn how to count in Sudanese, then these tables will help you a lot. Tables can be printed and downloaded for free in PDF format, they will help you memorize them in a short time. We offer 11 table options. They are arranged in ascending order, which makes them easier to study.

1 - 101 - 201 - 301 - 401 - 501 - 601 - 701 - 801 - 901 - 100

Numbers in Sudanese from 0 to 9

In the left column of the table are numbers, in the right column are the names of the numbers in Sudanese
Numbers in Sudanese
0 nol
1 hiji
2 dua
3 tilu
4 opat
5 lima
6 genep
7 tujuh
8 dalapan
9 salapan

Mental development of children

Children need to know how numbers are written with words in different languages. With the help of this knowledge, their mental abilities are expanded.

List of languages

We offer a list of languages with which you can learn to count numbers.

Numbers in Sudanese

Glossary of terms

Check out the definitions of the terms used on this page. With its help, you can easily understand this information.



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