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Roman numeral: 10 = X

Roman numeral 10

Roman numeral 10 ten

ten in Roman Numerals

Roman numeral 10 in Latin letter is written like this - X. To see how the rest of theRoman numerals look like write in the form the number you want to look in Roman. The service converting numbers and digits from 1 to 3999999..

The roman numbering system was invented in about 6 - 5 centuries BC, It consists of 7 letters: - I V X L C D M. They are divided into two groups.


The first part is the decimal system:

The second part is half of the decimal system:

This is the root system on which the entire Roman numbering system is based. To write large numbers in Latin letters, they came up with several options, but the most practical system looks like this:

The headlined Latin letters grow a thousand, as seen above. In some variations, they are underlined, or on both sides in place. But, the most accepted form is the one shown on our page.

Below are 52 links. They allow you, without writing the numbers in the form, move directly to the numbers that interest you. But they are all larger than the Roman numeral 10.